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Evolution Art based in Las Vegas handles every step of the process from design to specialized shipping and customized installs.

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The Ultimate Art House

Evolution Art is the ultimate art design, fabrication, packaging and installation house. We bring together and manage teams of dedicated designers, fabricators and artisans to produce world class art. At Evolution Art, we believe that no other art house has our ability to manage and implement the entire multi-discipline design, fabrication, logistics and installation process.

The Complete Solution


We love working with customers who are still in the initial concept phase at Evolution Art! Our team can help you take your concept and bring it to Life using modern computer software and over 30 years of experience designing custom art.


At Evolution Art, we like to say that we can build almost anything. Our team includes world class sculptors, painters, and specialty carpenters which allows us to not only create the art, but also build any necessary supporting structures and containers.

Packing & Crating

When you aren't sure how you are going to ship something safely, Evolution Art can help design and build special packaging to keep your unique item(s) safe along with custom crating to ensure deliver and installation is as seamless as possible.

Logistics & Installation

Every install has its own challenges. Many factors have to be considered such as size and weight restrictions as well as public safety both during and after the install. The Evolution Art team can help ensure your install goes just as planned.

Our Work

When you specialize in creating things that have never been built before, it can be hard to list all of the kinds of work that we do. Evolution Art works with many different clients including corporations, the hospitality and medical industries, and personal clients.

Engaging Exteriors
Custom Interiors
Unique Displays
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Where to Find Our Work

You can find Evolution Art's fabrications scattered throughout many amazing hotels and venues throughout the country.

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We love to talk with people about their ideas & vision for a new project! Please give us a call at (702) 347-6602 or use our contact form to get in touch with us.

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