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Our patented spray chroming process allows us to apply a layer of chrome to almost any surface. No job is too big or too small for our team.

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What is Spray Chroming?

In the past, the only way to get a chrome finish was to use a process called electro-plating where electricity is used to plate a metal in chrome. This approach had several drawbacks including that you could only coat metal, it is expensive and it uses chemicals that are not environmentally friendly.

Using our patented spray chroming technique, we are able to coat almost any hard surface with a chrome layer that is both hard yet flexible. The process uses a base coat that is painted on and then a water-based chemical is applied that reacts to the paint to instantly form the chrome layer. Because it is applied using a spray technique, we can coat most surfaces including: Wood, Styrofoam, Glass, Rubber, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Ceramic, Aluminum, plastics, and more.

Advantages of Spray Chroming

There are several advantages to using spray chroming over traditional methods including price, applicable surfaces, and more.

Spray Chrome Sports Ball

Most Surfaces

Our unique process allows us to add a layer of chrome to almost any surface. The chrome layer is hard, yet flexible to allow for some movement of the surface.

Spray Chrome Art Painting

Less Expensive

Spray chroming is far less expensive than traditional electro-plating. This makes chroming possible on almost every project with little to no change in your existing plan.

Spray Chrome Museum Installation

Eco Friendly

The chemical used in our patented process is a water-based chemical that is eco friendly. Traditional Chroming leaves harmful by products that affect our environment.

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Patented Chroming Process

Our patented spray chroming system can be used to apply a chrome-like coating over any substrate that is of a porous material such as wood, plaster, urethane, foam, etc. This can be used to create stunning chrome accents or entire pieces for a fraction of the cost of traditional electro-plating. Spray chroming can be found almost everywhere including on cars, in custom art, appliance fixtures and much more.

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The Power of Two Superior Art Shops

Over the past several years, Evolution Art has teamed up with Blaque Metal Works on several projects and we are excited to announce our newest joint offering. With over 40 years of combined fabrication experience, many of Blaque Metal Work's one-of-a-kind pieces of art can be seen publicly at places like the Rolling Hills Country Club or the Strat Las Vegas. While they specialize in all types of metal, they are also experienced in working with many other mediums like wood, plastics and more. All of these things combined with the work ethic and superior job quality of Blaque Metal Works make this partnership a win for Evolution Art and our clients.

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