Art Installation & Logistics

Our team of art install specialists are experts at transporting art and safely installing it. Our team has installed everything from massive branding icons to projects with hundreds of pieces of art. We have both the knowledge and experience to handle your next art installation.

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Our Art Install Process

Investigate & Plan

The first step in any install process is to first research the details of the install and come up with a detailed plan to execute the art install. As part of the investigation process, our team examines floor layouts, measures passage ways, verifies clearances, and more. By creating a detailed plan up front, it allows us to account for possible issues that may arise throughout the entire install process making the install seamless and more cost effective.

Art Installation Process - Investigate and Plan
Art Installation Process - Packing and Crating

Packing & Crating

One of Evolution Arts hallmarks is the attention to detail in the packing and crating process. When our team of crating experts are planning out the packing process, a lot of attention is given to how the art will be installed. We allow the installation to guide the crate and packing design so that when it comes time to install, the packing and crating aid in the install rather than complicating it.

Transport & Shipping

Shipping and transporting art can be quite the challenge. From the logistics of hundreds of crated art pieces to giant art installations requiring innovative transport techniques, Evolution Art's team has the experience and know-how to get your art where it needs to be. Our team has transported hundreds of pieces of art across the United States and we are experts in transporting your art at a reasonable price.

Art Installation Process - Transport and Shipping
Art Installation Process - Installation of Art

Installation of Art

The final step in our art installation process is to execute the actual install. This is always our favorite part because we get to see all of our planning and preparation pay off. Evolution Art specializes in completing "impossible" installs where time and space constraints make the install harder than usual. If you have an art install that you aren't sure where to start with, please give us a call at (702) 347-6602.

Art Installation Examples

Red Rock Casino Resort

Registration Desk - Las Vegas, NV

First impressions always matter, but it is particularly true for hospitality properties. It's ever more important to greet your guest with something iconic and memorable. Evolution Art recently installed just such a piece of art at the registration desk of the Red Rock Casino. This large, hanging wall art was sculpted by Evolution Art sculptors and coated using our patented chroming process to give a one-of-a-kind look to this iconic art installation.

Layout process for art install at Red Rock Casino Resort
Partially Complete art install at Red Rock Casino Resort
Finished art install at Red Rock Casino Resort

Hotel Monaco

Lion Head Room Accent - Seattle, WA

While a lot of our more challenging installs involve large art pieces, the project at Hotel Monaco challenged our ability to execute the perfect install hundreds of times in a row. Our team fabricated a unique hanging system that allowed brackets to be mounted and the lion head art to easily be hung and removed as needed. This foresight in the design allowed the staging and install of hundreds of lion heads to go quickly and without issue.

Storage of Lion Head Art Install at Hotel Monaco
Staging of Lion Head Art Install at Hotel Monaco
Finished Lion Head Art Install at Hotel Monaco

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